A Bandaid Won't Fix it...

When the King manages to hurt himself in a five year old way, he demands a band aid to make it "feel better".  Last night, as I was groaning at the aching in my shoulder, he reminded me that I needed a band-aid.

After dropping the car off at the dealership, because the simple fix last week for the overheating wasn't necessarily the simple fix,   I figure that 5 days of pain and angst were enough and I scheduled a Doc's appointment to have her review my shoulder.

The verdict is in.  A band-aid won't fix it.  

Seems I have a partial tear of the Rotator Cuff in my left shoulder.  The good news is, surgery isn't warranted at this point.  The "bad news"...I have to begin making it move a bit with Physical Therapy type exercises at home, because it is in the early stages of freezing (meaning holding in place and losing mobility).  Rockin'!

So here I sit with a heating pad on my shoulder, eating pain meds like House, the TV Doc, reading the exercises I am supposed to do.  Does reading count as physical therapy??!  Because the thought of doing these exercises is making me ill - and making my shoulder hurt.

BUT...I have decided...

That which does not kill me, simply does not kill me.   Yeah, I know...pretty lame - like my shoulder.

(Oh..and the car?  Yeah - add $407 to the total amount we have spent on it - at this point we probably could have bought a nice used car...but....we didn't.  Much like the Copay challenge of two years ago, anybody wanna make a bet on the total amount we will spend on the stupid thing before we take a sledge hammer to it?)

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dkuroiwa said...

don't get me wrong but, this post? yeah. it made me smile.
oh...i'm so sorry about your pain, but...really? "eating pain meds like House"!!
and thanks to you, i now have a new motto..."that which doesn't not kill me, simply, does not kill me".

hang in there sweets...and yes, reading about the exercises certainly counts...or at least it does for me....if you watch a video of these things you are to do, that's even better!! :-)