Alumni Weekend....and busy weekend ahead....

This weekend is alumni weekend at the school.  It is the point that the the Cadet will be welcomed into the Alumni Association at the school.  Except...

The Head Wrestling Coach at Waldorf College contact the Cadet last night and wants him to come to the college this weekend to discuss a letter of intent, and view the programs available at the school.

So instead of being welcomed into the Alumni association...he just might be on the road heading 10 hours away to take a look at the school, its academics, and adding craziness to the mix of college selection.

As for Capt. Oz?  He is on duty, and will be welcoming the alumni, along with all of the usual "fun" stuff associated with this crazy, crazy weekend.

Update - Looks like the trip out to Iowa will be on Sunday with a return on Monday.  Captain Oz is going to do the parental duties on this one....he "gets it" more than I do when it comes to athletics and the like. 

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