Last Choir Concert....and he wasn't even in choir...

I meant to post pics of the Cadet's last choir concert on Friday night, but somehow it management to escape me. That's okay...see, the Cadet isn't even IN the choir.

Not that he wasn't at some point. Seriously. He was there his Frosh and Soph year in HS.

BUT.....over the past two years, he ran out of time, space, and quite frankly, a little desire (Choirsters have to practice at like 6:30 a.m., which qualifies as o'dark thirty to him..the only thing he sings at that hour is praises for his pillow)

But he announced to me on Thursday evening that he had to be at the Auditorium at o'dark thirty - without his pillow - on friday morning to practice for the Spring Choir Concert. HUH!??!??!

Yeah. Seems his health teacher (who is the music master here at HMS) asked him and another individual who are known baritones and who sing it "loud and proud" when they sing (and who aren't half bad at the vocal thing either!) to rejoin the choir for the final concert - as she needed male voices that would be willing to be heard. Seems the males in the choir are a little timid - not looking for singing glory...simply looking for an A in the choir class.

On the hook for the cadet and his loud and proud buddy? Extra credit in health class. And hey....E.C. and get to have some fun on stage? The cadet was in like a singing flynn.

I won't bore ya with all the pics I took - see, I am nice like that. Simply two pics of his last health class Choir concert.

Rockin the Michael Jackson "They Don't Really Care About Us"...on the shoulders of one of his buddies (who is totally prepared for Thriller no less)

Dahkness falls across the land..the midnight hour is close at hand.....I am glad that my camera decided to snag the lighting hat was being used. It was pretty cool.

And so..another health class is in the books.

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