Of Decisions and Intentions....

Senior year in High School is a crazy one. I don't think any of us have forgotten that huh?! What with senior-itis, college decisions, and activities that seem never ceasing, the "party never ends" when it comes to finishing out a high school career.

The Cadet had made a decision earlier this year to attend Manchester College here in Indiana. He liked the campus, enjoyed the college visit, knew that it was "in-state", and close to us. He was good with the decision...but never seemed totally "great" with it, so I slowed the process down somewhat, and little by little did only what I had to - to ensure that he didn't feel the pressure of "well, you wanted it, so now you HAVE to attend it". Yeah, I learned well from my parents who low-keyed my decision oh so long ago.

As I indicated last week, the whole college dynamic was potentially changing for the cadet. He had looked at Waldorf College, had applied and was interested in the school, but time got away from him as far as visiting the school, although he kept in contact with the assistant coaching wrestling staff. When the Wrestling head coach called, his interest was renewed, and he and his father worked out a roadtrip for the weekend to check out the College from the academic side, as well as the wrestling program.

So off they went on a looooooooooong journey to Forest City, IA. I say long because 9 hours is pretty lengthy, but even more so when you do it two times between Sunday and Monday!

Here are a few pics from their trip - I had forgotten to give them a camera, so these are compliments of Capt. Oz's crackberry....

The main administration building/entrance.

The Cadet sitting on the steps at Thorson Hall

After spending Sunday evening chatting with the Coaches, and Monday morning chatting with the department head of education, financial aid, admissions, and again meeting with the coaches, the Cadet declared it to be very much like his current high school experience at Howe as far as class size, and teacher concern for students. To quote him "It feels like home here mom". And to him, for the past 4 years, Howe has been home. (Although this kiddo believes Louisville to be his home - odd for a Toledo boy huh).

So after rounds of meetings, campus tours, teacher discussions, coaching philosophy, chatting with a student, learning that it snows...sometimes A LOT in northern Iowa......

I am pleased to present to you the newest signed-recruit of the Waldorf Wrestling team....the Cadet. He signed a national letter of intent with the athletic staff, and is more than excited about his choice.

Here is the Cadet, with his letter, outside the athletic building with the Head and Assistant Wrestling Coaches.

Congrats on making your final decision Cadet..and on signing your letter of intent.
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Carol P. said...

Woooohooooo and congratulations to you and to the Cadet!