It's a FIRST...........

It's a FIRST....grader that is!

With the advent of the college boy heading off to college, could the next step in the educational process for the King be far behind?

So on Wednesday morning, bright and early, the First Grader popped outta bed and headed off to the land of the elementary school of my youth. And of course, Mama Oz and Papa Oz were there to document the journey!

Like his big brother, the obligatory picture in front of the closet door MUST be taken. And like his big brother, he obliged. (What an obligation...grin)

Somebody was wayyyyyy excited about heading off to his new school. And of being a walker too!

After 7 hours, Papa Oz met him at the corner...and he had completed his first day of first grade. To my sibs...yes the crossing guards are still there. But THEY get to come out into the street.

Rounding the corner and heading for Home. Yeah....first grade is all about Firsts.

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Carol P. said...

NO FAIR!!!!!!! I always wanted to come out into the street!!!!!!!

Congrats, First Grader!!! And the tradition of "pictures in front of the door" continues....

DF said...

Keep up the pictures in front of the "Door of Life"

When I was a crossing guard, I too wanted the ability to contol traffic by standing in the road, staring down the cars, exhorting them to stop. Sadly, they restricted us to stopping fellow students from walking across the street when there was a car within a mile radius. And that was before Wickford East went all the way through or Cornwall Commons existed.