NEWSFLASH: New iPhone Killer on the way

Every few weeks, the tech industry is abuzz with a potential new iPhone "killer".   Will it be Motorola? Will it be Samsung?  Will it be the Android platform?  This techie thinks not.

The reality is, there is only one thing that can kill the iPhone; inability to access the data and speeds necessary to keep the content flowing on this seamlessly integrated phone.  Cue the ominous music.  The one company that was set to not only corner the market on speeds and feeds but on the iPhone itself has changed its data strategies for the masses.  Hence, they have changed the very landscape that the iPhone needs to survive.

Yes, Verizon Wireless is poised to officially become the iPhone killer that the tech world has been talking about.

Earlier this week, Verizon announced that unlimited data plans were being discontinued for both current and new customers.  Not shocking, many had come before them to do the same.  The backlash was swift.  Consumers were outraged.  Verizon's classic marketing line "Can you hear me now" lit up the internet - in a negative way.  "I'm leaving, can you hear me now?" was a common sentiment.  Yes, Verizon heard them.

We were told that they wouldn't force current customers to move to these new "shared plans" unless they wanted the latest and greatest phones at discount prices.  "Keep the old phone, keep the old plan" was touted from coast to coast.  "Pay full price, keep the old plan" came quickly behind it.

Except...the new iPhone 5 is rumored to be coming out in September.  Folks won't want to pay its $600+ price tag.  Folks won't want to pay the shared data charges that will be required by Verizon to keep the iPhone fed with information.  Folks will keep their old phone.  They will keep their old data plan.  Because folks are beginning to see that sometimes "good enough" is quite frankly good enough.

And Verizon, the largest carrier in the US, will have killed the iPhone.  

Way to go Verizon! You won the battle.  Too bad you fought the wrong war.

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