And so....he is a Junior!

Commencement was this weekend....and so the Princess Cadet becomes a junior. When did that happen?

During the awards ceremony, the Cadet was presented with two awards - the Best Drilled Cadet (Gold Medal - Number 1....the award I alluded to in this post), and was also (to his surprise) given the Bishops award for Christian Service which is a single award given to the cadet that gives of himself to the Episcopalian church and enhances the cadet service experience. Way to go H! I am very proud of you for both - you can follow commands - both on the parade field - and from Him! You Rule!

His father was able to give him both awards, which was awesome for both!

And so summer begins.....at least for the Cadet and Mr. Oz that is!

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DF said...

Way to go H! YEAH! or should I say: oooorah!

Carol P. said...

Wooohoooo! Congratulations H!

The Girl Next Door said...

WOW! That's awesome Cadet. And yes, how did our kids get to be juniors so fast?! Great Photos momma.